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Review: The Bad Guys: Episode 1 by Aaron Blabey

The Bad Guys: Episode 1 (The Bad Guys #1)
by Aaron Blabey 
Originally Published July 1st, 2015 by Scholastic Australia
144 pages 

Reading Level - Ages 7 and up 

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Summary from

They sound like the Bad Guys, they look like the Bad Guys . . . and they even smell like the Bad Guys. But Mr Wolf, Mr Piranha, Mr Snake and Mr Shark are about to change all of that! Mr Wolf has a daring plan for the Bad Guys first good mission. The gang are going to break 200 dogs out of the Maximum Security City Dog Pound. Will Operation Dog Pound go smoothly? Will the Bad Guys become the Good Guys? And will Mr Snake please spit out Mr Piranha?


Quick Review:

It has been awhile since I have delved back into the world of Children's Fiction and Middle Grade and I am so glad that I started with this book. :) The cover of The Bad Guys is what catches your attention first. I just love the bright orange and the black lettering and how it makes you want to pick up this book! 

The Bad Guys is a great book to pick up for your young one or yourself (I know I enjoyed it). The story is funny and the characters are kind of charming in their own way. They each have their own personality which makes it pretty fun to read aloud. I would know because I forced my mom and sixteen-year-old brother to listen to me read it. ;) I think we were all laughing at some point in this book. The humor is a great fit for someone of any age. 

The illustrations were some of my favorite parts as well. I loved the expressions that went along with the attitude that these characters had. It really helped to tie everything together. This book is written/drawn in a sort of comic like style with not too many words on each page. But it's fairly easy to read especially if you are giving this to a young reader. 

I definitely recommend this book and I am looking forward to finding out what's in store for these four friends! If you like funny characters and a comic-like style, then this book is for you or for the young reader in your life. Read aloud to your young reader and you'll be sure to have fun!


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