Review Policy

Welcome to my review policy! 

I love to read and review just about any kind of book but this blog is solely dedicated to Middle Grade and Children's Fiction. 

I use stars to rate the books I review.

5 stars - An out of this world experience. Will make it to my re-read pile! 
4 stars - I really enjoyed it. Would give other books by this author a try. 
3 stars - I liked it but I wasn't totally into it. 
2 stars - It was okay...barely. 

1 stars - I didn't like it :(

I Will Review:

Middle Grade
(Just about any type of Fiction)
--Realistic Fiction
--Science Fiction 
-- Historical Fiction (sometimes)

(Just about any type of Fiction)
- Picture Books
- Young Readers Level Books 

I Will NOT Review:

Anything that is 
- Young Adult
- New Adult
- Adult 
*Please send these types of requests to the appropriate blogs. Look at the About Me Page to learn more about my other book blogs.*

Please understand that I have the right to decline an offer if I am (1) not interested in the book or (2) do not feel like it would fit the content that I review on my blog. 

I do not promise an exact amount of days that I will take to read and review a book but it will most likely not take longer than 3 weeks. If I feel like it will take longer, then I will let you know. If you have a date that you would like me to post a review on, then I will post on that date. 

I accept ARCs and finished copies in the Kindle and Physical Formats but I do prefer physical over e-book. 

Please contact me at theyoungreadersbookblog[at]gmail[dot]com with questions or suggestions! 

Please note that all books I review have been purchased by me or borrowed unless stated otherwise.

Book information and book covers come from the website

Let the young read on!

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